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Here you can find open-source software developed by our team. Feel free to contribute!

The meeg-tools package serves as a cookbook for preprocessing and analysing EEG/MEG signals in a semiautomatic and reproducible way. The general use-case of the package is to import its methods into an interactive Jupyter Notebook. The tutorials folder contains notebooks that document the preprocessing steps and demonstrate data operations and transformations steps. The module contains the functions that can be used to clean data using MNE-Python.

Languages: Python


Preprocessing of MEG/EEG

Interactive MEG/EEG preprocessing tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to preprocess EEG/MEG data using the meeg-tools package within a Jupyter notebook.

Languages: Python, Jupyter Notebook

Image by Hal Gatewood

Interactive time-frequency analysis tutorial for preprocessed epochs (ERP, power)

This tutorial demonstrates the basic analysis steps for performing time-frequency analysis on epochs using MNE-Python.

Languages: Python


Analysis of dynamic functional connectivity

The module contains the functions that can be used to perform connectivity analysis using MNE-Python.

Languages: Python


Probabilistic sequence learning task

A self-paced Alternating Serial Reaction Time Task created with the jsPsych library.

Languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS


Process dissociation procedures task

Languages: JavaScript, CSS, HTML


A Process Disssociation Procedures (PDP) task created with the jsPsych library and optimized for the ASRT task. 

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