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The papers can be accessed directly by clicking on their title

Journal publications

2021  Statistical and sequence learning lead to persistent memory in children after a one-year offline period.

Tóth-Fáber, E., Janacsek, K., Nemeth, D. (2021). Scientific Reports, 10.1038.

In press  Prompting teaching modulates children's encoding of novel information by facilitating higher-level structure learning and hindering lower-level statistical learning.

Marno, A., Danyi, R., Vékony, T., Janacsek, K., Nemeth, D. (in press). Cognition, 10.4784.

2021  Adaptation to recent outcomes attenuates the lasting effect of initial experience on risky decisions.

Kóbor, A, Kardos, Z., Takács, Á., Éltető, N., Janacsek, K., Tóth-Fáber, E., Csépe, V., Nemeth, D. (in press). Scientific Reports, 10.1038.

In press  Statistical learning occurs during practice while high-order rule learning during rest period. NPJ Science of Learning.

Kóbor, A, Kardos, Z., Takács, Á., Éltető, N., Janacsek, K., Tóth-Fáber, E., Csépe, V., Nemeth, D. (in press). NPJ Science of Learning, 10.1101.

2021  Neurophysiological and functional neuroanatomical coding of statistical and deterministic rule information during sequence learning.

Takács, A., Kóbor, A., Kardos, Z., Janacsek, K., Horváth, K., Beste, C., Németh, D. (2021). Human Brain Mapping, 10.1002.

2021  Implicit anticipation of probabilistic regularities: Larger CNV emerges for unpredictable events

Kóbor A., Kardos, Zs., Horváth, K., Janacsek, K., Takács, Á., Csépe, V., & Nemeth. (2021). Neuropsychologia, 107826.

2021  Dissociation between two aspects of procedural learning in Tourette syndrome: Enhanced statistical and impaired sequence learning, Child Neuropsychology.

Tóth-Fáber, E., Tárnok, Z., Janacsek, K., Kóbor, A., Nagy, P., Cs Farkas, B., Oláh, S., Merkl, D., Hegedűs, O., 

Nemeth, D., Takács, A. (2021). Child Neuropsychology10.1080/09297049.2021.1894110.

2020  Divided attention does not affect the acquisition and consolidation of transitional probabilities.

Horváth, K., Török, C., Pesthy, O., Nemeth, D., Janacsek, K. (2020). Scientific Reports, 10:22450.

2020  Retrieval of a well-established skill is resistant to distraction: Evidence from an implicit probabilistic sequence learning task.

Vékony, T., Török, L., Pedraza, F., Schipper, K., Pleche, C., Tóth, L., Janacsek, K., Nemeth, D (2020). Plos One, 10:17605.

2020  How do competitive neurocognitive processes contribute to artistic cognition? – The Andras-effect-.

Schipper, K.,  Janacsek, K.,  Nemeth, D. (2020). Leonardo, The MIT Press Journals, 0 0:ja, 1-4.

2020  Speed or accuracy instructions during skill learning do not affect the acquired knowledge.

Vékony, T., Marossy, H., Must, A., Vécsei, L., Janacsek, K., & Nemeth, D. (2020). Cerebral Cortex Communications, tgaa041.


2020 Perceiving structure in unstructured stimuli: Implicitly acquired prior knowledge impacts the processing of unpredictable transitional probabilities.

Kobor, A., Horvath, K., Kardos, Z., Nemeth, D., & Janacsek, K. (2020). Cognition, 104413.


2020  When less is more: enhanced statistical learning of non-adjacent dependencies after disruption of bilateral DLPFC.

Ambrus, G. G., Vekony, T., Janacsek, K., Trimborn, A. B., Kovacs, G., & Nemeth, D. (2020). Journal of Memory and Language, Volume 114, 104144.

2020 Frontal-midline theta frequency and probabilistic learning: A transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation study.

Zavecz, Z., Horváth, K., Solymosi, P., Janacsek, K., & Nemeth, D. (2020).  Behavioural Brain Research, 112733. 


2020 Error Processing During the Online Retrieval of Probabilistic Sequence Knowledge.

Horváth, K., Kardos, Z., Takács, A., Csépe, V.,  Nemeth, D., Janacsek, K., Kóbor, A. (2020). Journal of Psychophysiology, 0(0), 1-15.

2020 The relationship between subjective sleep quality and cognitive performance in healthy young adults: Evidence from three empirical studies.

Zavecz, Z., Nagy, T., Galkó, A., Nemeth, D., & Janacsek, K. (2020). Scientific Reports, 10(1), 1-12.

2019   Is there more room to improve? The lifespan trajectory of procedural learning and its relationship to the between-and within-group differences in average response times.

Juhasz, D., Nemeth, D., & Janacsek, K. (2019).  PloS One, 14(7), e0215116. 

2019 Different levels of statistical learning-Hidden potentials of sequence learning tasks.

Szegedi-Hallgato´ E, Janacsek K, Nemeth D. (2019). PLoS ONE 14(9): e0221966


2019 Tracking the implicit acquisition of nonadjacent transitional probabilities by ERPs.

Kóbor, A., Horváth, K., Kardos, Z., Takács, Á., Janacsek, K., Csépe, V., & Nemeth, D. (2019). Memory & Cognition, 47(8), 1546-1566.

2019 Do adolescents take more risks? Not when facing a novel uncertain situation.

Éltető, N., Janacsek, K., Kobor, A., Takacs, A., Toth-Faber, E., & Nemeth, D. (2019). Cognitive Development, 50, 105-117.



2020  Neurophysiological coding of statistical and deterministic rule information.

Takacs, A., Kobor, A., Kardos, Z., Janacsek, K., Horvath, K., Beste, C., Nemeth, D. (2020). BioRxiv, 338913

2020  The Evolution of Chunks in Sequence Learning.

Tosatto, L., Fagot, J.,  Nemeth, D., Rey, A. (2020). BioRxiv, 430894.

2020  Statistical learning occurs during practice while high-order rule learning during rest period.

Quentin, R., Fanuel, L., Kiss, M., Vernet, M., Vekony, T.,  Janacsek, K., Cohen, L., Nemeth, D. (2020). BioRxiv, 353375.

2020  Initial experience has lasting effect on repeated risky decisions.

Kóbor, A., Kardos, Z., Takács, A., Éltető, N., Janacsek, K., Tóth-Fáber, E., Csépe, V., Nemeth, D. (2020). BioRxiv, 313551.

2020 Individualised dynamic internal representations from response times. 

Török, B., Nagy, D G., Kiss, M M., Janacsek, K., Nemeth, D., Orban, G. bioRxiv, 2020.2006.2022.163295. doi:10.1101/2020.06.22.163295

2020 Competitive Neurocognitive Functions Can Tell Us What to Learn and When: In Schools and Beyond.

Nemeth, D., Schipper, K., Pleche, C., Janacsek, K. (2020). Preprints 2020060050

doi: 10.20944/preprints202006.0050.v1. 


2020 The longer the better? General skill but not probabilistic learning improves with the duration of short rest periods.

Fanuel, L., Pleche, C., Vekony, T., Quentin, R., Janacsek, K., Nemeth, D. (2020).  bioRxiv, 2020: p.2020.05.12.090886.

2020 Procedural learning under stress: boosted statistical learning but unaffected sequence learning.

Toth-Faber, E., Janacsek, K., Szollosi, A., Keri, S., Nemeth, Dezso. (2020). bioRxiv, 2020.05.13.092726

2019 Four pitfalls in sleep and memory research and how to avoid them.

Nemeth, D., Gerbier, E., & Janacsek, K. (2019).  Preprints 2019, 2019080208.

2019 Stimulus presentation rates affect performance but not the acquired knowledge -Evidence from procedural learning.

Kiss, M., Nemeth, D., & Janacsek, K. (2019).  bioRxiv, 650598.



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